Debra A. Vilhauer, Ph.D.

Seattle Psychologist

I grew up in southwest Washington State, and was in the first generation in my family to have the privilege go to college.  As a kid I thought about what I wanted to become, and beyond the attributes of kindness and generosity (considered essential values  within my family)  I considered becoming Sherlock Holmes, or a photographer or a costume designer.  Today I love messing around with photographs and I always have some project fitted on the dress form, but Sherlock Holmes was already taken.  Psychology was my first love and I knew at age 16 that I wanted a Ph.D. in psychology.  It's been a good decision and after all these years I know that while National Geographic missed a chance at hiring me for my photography skills, and New York fashion week has missed my other mad skills, that helping people sort through life's challenges has been, and continues to be very satisfying work.